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Working on music sucks now and then.....

2007-07-27 13:47:33 by ChrisOrosco

Working on music with a job, keeping up with your art experience, having no idea where you are going to college, and trying to spend as much time with your girlfriend is not an easy task. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with all these things I want to do but seem to have some time or none at all. But thats not why I made this post...I made this post because I am currently working on a new track that was suppost to be done with the redesign of Newgrounds, but me being in Maryland and then starting work right away has been....somewhat difficult.

Not sure if I even have any fans out there....makes me wonder why I bother placing my music on the internet, but when I really think about it I enjoy letting others criticize what I have created, even if its only the few that ever do. Whether it be good or bad its still something I can be proud of or just work on to better myself.

I am sure whomever is reading this will, once done, not leave a comment. Most do. Thats just wouldn't hurt to say hi once in awhile. Heh

Click here to watch 'Chris-Orosco---Morphine-Demo'


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2007-08-28 15:03:20

Dem is fightin words u got thar Chris!

But seriously, hi :D.

I too often find myself wondering why I do what I do. My answer is usually, why not? I like the craft, it gives me joy, as I hope to does for you also.


2007-09-17 07:53:31

It's ok. I hardly get comments too.