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Started College and Broke as Hell.

2007-11-07 03:29:02 by ChrisOrosco

Well, I have finally started college. It may not be 5 star or have dorms, but least I am trying to make positive progress in my life, right? I am currently enrolled at The Art Institute Online. I do all my work at home and get to have a job during the afternoon.
I signed up for Gaming Art and Design. What made me choose this lovely field of study? Let me tell passion for games and my love for art. The great part of completing these courses? I will get to start a REAL job doing what I do mostly everyday, draw and study video games. How fuckin' great is that?
Here is the shitty part. I have recently gotten my first ticket ( Yay for me ), have a low hour job that is impossible to get more hours for, and pay for my insurance and school supplies. times for me. I guess the only problems I am having right now are financially. Other than that, life is great.

Goobledy gloob gloop. Tickets in my hair, eat your beans for the 2 girls 1 cup.

Yea, that website was disgusting. My advice, don't go to it.

Night everyone.



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2007-11-07 03:46:02

You should move to a country were you get paid for going to college, hehe

ChrisOrosco responds:

Isn't when you live in Alaska for more than a year you can get paid to go to college?


2007-11-07 10:26:00

As a living-on-my-own, two-job-holding business school grad student would-be voice actor, I sympathize.


2007-11-07 12:00:35

student loans is not an option?

ChrisOrosco responds:

Heh, I am already using student loans and trying to make ends meet.

Its great..I know.


2008-10-13 15:19:46

ha, I'm attending AI's pretty expensive....