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Working on a new cd. Trying to get scouted.

2009-07-14 02:41:16 by ChrisOrosco

Well..its been awhile since I posted anything. Lately I have been working on a new cd. It will be titled Midnight Marathon in reference to how many nights I spend awake till 5 or 6 A.M. doing nothing but making music, drawing, and watching Adult Swim. School is going okay and I have one year left after '09 so then I can work on my graphic arts career.

Also, I put up some art and have NO idea what it means to get scouted for a rating. Any help on this would be fantastic.

Now, while I work on some new this:

Home from Work

Working on a new cd. Trying to get scouted.


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2009-08-09 22:54:41

Cool art i scouted you.